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Shop Amazon Right from Twitter | Social You Should Know

Misi McClelland.

Amazon carts filled through Twitter, tweens get a new social channel, and Facebook will soon have new video insights.  Intrigued? I invite you to read all about it in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Announcement of #AmazonCart Pushes Direct Sales from Twitter

If you are a fan of Amazon and a user of Twitter, this latest way to shop might be the bee’s knees.  Essentially, it lets you put products in your Amazon cart by replying to any tweet containing an Amazon product link using the hashtag #AmazonCart.  For ecommerce marketers this can have a direct impact on your bottom line but brands can also benefit from the increased awareness from users advocating for them by tweeting that they want your products or services in their Amazon shopping cart. According to, this requires three easy steps that include shoppers connecting their Twitter and Amazon accounts. Happy Shopping! I hope there is a sale on Quest Bars.

New Social Video Sharing Website built Solely for Tweens

LOL. OMG. Yikes! Cute. Yes! Those are just a few options to choose from when socially reacting to a video on Viddiverse, a social video-sharing site designed for tweens. Like YouTube, Viddiverse users can upload and watch videos, comment on videos, save videos to favorites, and make their own videos.  They also have a fun tool kit that I can use -- oops, I mean tweens -- can use to add mustaches, picture frames, and funny backgrounds. Founded by former Nickelodeon executive, Malcolm Bird, the Viddiverse is COPPA-compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). Check out their rules here. Time will tell if the sought-after tween market will gravitate to Viddiverse.

New Video Metrics from Facebook Coming Soon

Facebook is constantly updating its insights module and the newest addition will give marketers a better understanding of how videos are performing. Currently, Facebook insights users can see only how many people started watching their video. With the coming rollout, views are counted only if the video is watched for 3 seconds or more. Similar to YouTube analytics, there is an audience retention insight piece that graphs out interest throughout the duration of the video.  Highs will most likely be rewinds while lows are likely when a user stops watching.  In addition, it calls out the number of times the video is viewed to 95% of its length─an indicator of overall video interest and therefore, applicable to content strategy. Additional enhancements include average duration and paid-views compared to organic views (total and unique). We only wish other social networks (ahem Google+, Pinterest) offered enhanced analytics like Facebook.

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