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Creating Content That Works on Social Platforms

Olivia Hayes.
By: Olivia Hayes  |   May 11, 2011  |   View Comments

One of the most important distinctions about content created for social media is that it can be customized to suit particular platforms. Sure, you can throw your TV commercial up on YouTube, but you’d be completely overlooking all of the ways you can encourage users to interact with your content.

To show you what I’m talking about, I wanted to highlight a few brands that are doing a solid job of creating content that works for the social platforms where they’ve chosen to engage.

Sealy Posturepedic’s “In Bed” App

Sealy Posturepedic’s “In Bed” mobile app made me perk up and take notice, mainly because it was completely unexpected for a brand like Sealy. It’s a simple app that allows you to attach the tag “in bed” to any of your photos. You know, like the old fortune cookie trick, where you add “in bed” to the end of your fortune as you read out loud.

After LOLing out loud, I downloaded it immediately – and told my friends. And posted a photo on Facebook. See, brand mission accomplished. This works because, not only is it funny, but it only takes a quick second to do it, which is about the amount of time people have to invest in their mobile apps.

Schweppes Facebook Profile App

Another tactic that I loved was Schweppes Profile App, which took advantage of the newish Facebook layout to customize your profile pic using the row of thumbnails. Because Facebook is so stern about not allowing users to customize profiles, ideas like this are really genius. Everyone wants something a little different, and this was a Facebook legal way of accomplishing that. Plus, it got people saying the name “Schweppes” and looked rad.

Pepto Bismal Piñata Smash

Although the interactive YouTube Piñata Smash piece isn’t that complex, it still works well to engage users. First you choose a piñata, then choose a dip to fill it, and finally, choose what will smash it. Then you proceed to watch a fun little customized video where things are smashed and explode, which as we know, is the second most watched category on YouTube…right after cats.

Sassy Gay Friend Loves MiO

If you haven’t seen Sassy Gay Friend on Facebook or YouTube, then you are clearly asleep at the wheel of life. Sassy Gay Friend is hilarious and a must-watch, so when the beverage mixture MiO began using him as a spokesperson, they had their social thoughts in the right spot. Sassy Gay Friend’s videos are watched by millions, and that includes the ones on MiO’s fan page, where he mentions the beverage mix, but mostly focuses on being his sassy, funny self.

I need to point out that none of these campaigns are directly tied to products. They are all referenced, but in a subtle, hilarious way – no one minds that. Users in social spaces are extremely wary of being marketed to, so these tactics were purely about brand perception, and creatively tailored to the personality of each social space.
Well-played, brands!

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14 thoughts on “Creating Content That Works on Social Platforms

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