Social Channels Battle it Out with New Features and Updates | Social You Should Know

Posted by | July 5

Facebook Gets Snazzy with Photos If you love Snapchat because of all the fun tricks you can do to your […]

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Facebook morphs “instant” technology for brands | Social You Should Know

Posted by | June 28

Facebook’s New Ad Formats When Facebook announced “Instant Articles” in May, the concept included Facebook hosting publisher’s content so they […]

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Brands Jump on #LoveWins…And Some Lose, Big Time

Posted by | June 26

As billions of people celebrated The Supreme Court’s marriage ruling this morning, every social channel was ablaze with rainbow accouterments […]

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5 Reasons Social Media is Essential for Your Business’s Success

Posted by | June 25

Most businesses and startups make the mistake of focusing on marketing last. They put in on the backburner until they […]

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A Social Media RFP for 2015

Posted by | June 22

Back in 2010, Social Media Group in Canada created a template for companies to use when they were looking to […]

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Snapchat Creates New Ad Opportunity | Social You Should Know

Posted by | June 21

Remember Ello? It’s ba-aack – or at least it claims to be. If you don’t remember this blip of a […]

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Facebook Steals Video Ad Views, Engagements from YouTube

Posted by | June 18

Within the past year we’ve witnessed Facebook actively trying to steal shares of video videos from YouTube, and for the most part […]

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Twitter Increases Character Limit for Direct Messages

Posted by | June 17

Community Managers and customer care representatives everywhere are rejoicing at Twitter’s latest announcement regarding character limit. Beginning in July 2015, […]

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Why Fitness Brands Thrive on Instagram & Who Is Kicking Butt, Literally

Posted by | June 17

People are emerging from hibernation as the days get longer and swimsuit season comes into full swing. Guys and gals swap […]

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4 Snapchat Stats Marketers Need to Know

Posted by | June 16

A recent Q1 social network profile of Snapchat by GlobalWebIndex took a look at active Snapchat users and revealed new data that […]

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