(Surprise!) Facebook Algorithm Changes Likely to Reduce Brand Impressions

Posted by | April 23

Hold on to your britches, we have shocking news! Facebook has made changes to their algorithm (again…) that could result […]

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How to Get Verified on Twitter

Posted by | April 16

If you’ve spent time on Twitter, you’ve seen them. Depending on how much time you’ve spent on Twitter, you’ve probably […]

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The Global State of Social; Twitter Search; Twitter Sale? | Social You Should Know

Posted by | April 11

Social Media Finally Losing Luster? Remember when many thought reality TV was a fad? Luckily for the Kardashians, the Duggars, […]

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The Best Brands to Follow on Tumblr

Posted by | April 8

Tumblr—it’s the often overlooked microblogging platform that made headlines in 2013 after Yahoo! acquired it for approximately $1.1 billion. With […]

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Brands try to fool; Periscope Up; Facebook and Media Outlets | Social You Should Know

Posted by | April 5

April Fool’s Day Social is Mostly Predictable Brand Work A quick review of what brands did on April Fool’s Day […]

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Survive and Advance: Social Media Bracketology

Posted by | April 2

It’s that time of year again. When the time-honored tradition of cutting down nets, busting brackets, and ravenous fandom takes […]

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April Fool’s Day: The Do’s and Don’ts for Brands on Social Media

Posted by | April 1

March came and went and now it’s time to kick April off with a little bit of fun. Pranksters everywhere […]

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Meerkat and Periscope Fight For Social Users

Posted by | March 31

There are two apps that, true to their namesakes, have been popping their heads up a lot as of late. […]

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Facebook f8 Announcements Mean Opportunity for Brands | Social You Should Know

Posted by | March 29

5 F8 Announcements You Should Know Didn’t have time to make sense of the Facebook f8 announcements this week? Have […]

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