Twitter Search Integration on Google: Should Tweets be SEO friendly?

Posted by | June 11

In late May, Twitter and Google solidified a partnership to begin embedding tweets in Google search results.  Now that we’re […]

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Can Twitter Make Employees More Innovative? | Social You Should Know

Posted by | June 7

Employees with Diverse Twitter Networks are More Innovative A compilation of studies published by MIT Sloan School of Management suggests that […]

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New Pinterest & Instagram Ad Formats Support E-Commerce

Posted by | June 4

On the trend of many new social ad formats launching, Pinterest and Instagram are stepping up their game to support […]

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Social Network Diversification Continues | Social You Should Know

Posted by | May 31

Google Begins Rolling Out Google Photos App Remember when Google+ announced it was breaking apart into Photos and Streams? This […]

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Agnochannel – What’s The Definition of a Retailer in 2015?

Posted by | May 28

TL;DR – The Retailer of the Future Won’t Look Anything Like The Retailers of Today Is Google a retailer? Is […]

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New Social Ad Formats for Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube

Posted by | May 28

Within the last week or so it seems like every social platform has announced a new ad product offering. The […]

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LinkedIn Rolls Out a New Dashboard; More Retailers Invest in “Text Purchasing” | Social You Should Know

Posted by | May 24

LinkedIn Offers Analytics to Content Publishers LinkedIn has quickly grown from a “business card” collection tool, to a content marketer’s […]

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Ignite Does More Than Social Media: Our Visit to Angels’ Place

Posted by | May 19

On Tuesday, May 12, a group of philanthropic Igniters headed to nearby Southfield, MI to volunteer at Angels’ Place, a […]

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Facebook’s Big Move into Media Publishing, What Does It Mean for Brands | Social You Should Know

Posted by | May 17

The Surrender at Menlo Park That headline, from this article, nicely sums up how many feel about Facebook’s deal to […]

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Alcohol Brands on Social Media: Meet the Winners

Posted by | May 11

Succeeding in social media as an alcohol brand presents a unique set of challenges. Besides the obvious hurdle of connecting […]

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